About Us

We're a little different. That's a good thing.

We might not be the biggest agency, but we've got the most heart.

'Ruth' fuels action

What makes us different?

Why Ruth Agency? Because ‘ruth’ means compassion for others’ suffering or circumstances. Compassion is powerful fuel that stirs people into action—to exercise their own agency in order to improve the lives of others—even for people they’ve never met. In a world that can be so ruthless, we want to make it more ruthful.

  • Kyle Leitch

    Co-Owner / Designer

    Kyle is a graphic designer with a background in print and digital design and marketing. In addition to working as an independent designer, Kyle also has in-house design experience. He has a passion for detail-oriented, beautiful, and accessible design including typography, complex layout, and illustration.

  • Colin Wolff

    Co-Owner / Developer

    Colin comes from a background in retail and ecommerce, marketing and software development, having supported dozens of websites, with millions in revenue. He is a self-taught developer and designer, and is passionate about building products that are accessible, beautiful, and useful.

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