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2 husbands on a mission to make the world a better place

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Dear Friends, Family, our Community & the World,

We’re so excited to introduce ourselves to you. We’re Ruth Agency, and we want to help you engage your compassion-action, and change the world. Some might say changing the world is something too great for a couple individuals to accomplish, but world changing interactions happen every day. Big and small through the relationships we build, the actions we take, and the conversations we have, the world changes. Sometimes it starts inside us, other times it happens in the outside world we share and it stirs us into action. Moments like these have been heard, seen and felt all over the world in the last few years.

Living through moments like these galvanized us, Kyle Leitch and Colin Wolff, to take an idea that we’d tossed around for years, and make it reality. In 2021, after two years of living through the pandemic—watching our society deal with civil unrest, corporate monopolies, corrupt administrations, and more—we knew we had to do something. We also knew we couldn’t do it on our own.

We asked ourselves what we could do to make an impact with the skills and experiences we share. Lots of ideas were tossed around about companies, nonprofits, and other ways we could have an impact in a way that felt meaningful to us. After lots of soul searching we realized that the best way we could make the difference we wanted to see in the world was to empower those already doing that work. To do their best and make the biggest impact that is possible by providing them with the tools, services, solutions, support and expertise they need.

We chose to face our anxieties and fears about starting a business during a pandemic and set out to make our idea a reality. Only a few months later in October of 2021, Ruth Agency LLC became official. Nervous and excited we started building a solid foundation of business practices and processes so that we can ensure those we serve have their expectations of success met or exceeded.

We chose Ruth Agency for our name because of what it stands for. Ruth is the ability to empathize with others suffering, or more simply compassion. Agency is the ability to take action. In a world that can be so ruthless, we want to help make it more ruthful.

Together we hope to enable those we serve to take action on the things that matter to them and their communities. Whether you’re a nonprofit providing care in far flung places, turning a passion into a small business, or you just need a little help with your website or strategy every once in a while, our mission is to help you succeed at every step along the way.

We hope you’ll join us in trying to make the world a better place, by either choosing to work with us or following us on our journey.

Kyle Leitch & Colin Wolff

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